Sunday, May 1, 2011

its my life

at   my age  well ,  i cant  believe  that  im  here  , how  much  the  time  went  by.  i remember when  i was  young   and  all the  things  i ve  have  done  , but  back further  i cannot  remember  those  times  between  the  ages  of  3 and  8 .no   thoughts  of those  ages  because they  leave a blank . really  i have  had  a long  life  .  and  not  passed  away  yet  but  im  not  looking  forward  to  those  days  .  and  i know  it  has  to happen . we  all have  to  go . why  do i have  to die   why ? im  always  asking  my  self  that  question  .  it  seems  so pointless  that  we  have  to go . we  have  family  that  we  have to leave  behind  and  never  see  agian  . its  strange  to me  . i dont like  to think  of  that  .  im  glad  that  i believe  in  a  after  life  . somehow  that  eases  the  thought  for  me  . but  at  times  its  really  sad  for me  i dont  want to go  from my  family  the  most  my kids  my  grandkids . it  goes  by so fast  . i have  like  20  or  some  odd  years  left  thats  it  .  do es anyone  realize  how  fast  that goes  seems  long  but  its  not.anyway  when the  time  comes  im  sure ill  be  ( ok). thanks  for  reading

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