Thursday, April 12, 2012

looking upon the light outside my window , i had to cover my eyes from the sun , but as i sit i thought and the more i thought , the more sadness came , its a story of mine thats always the same , blue thoughts sometimes wont escape me , like the coldness of a dark gray sea , what will i become , when my time is short , who will be with me in those final hours , and give me wine and flowers , kiss my tears from my cheek , and tell e that im uniqe , im sad like many colors show you a dark and many show you a bright , i look to the sky for comfort beacuse i know i will find it there above the heavens and behind the clouds , i look out my window and as the shades are drawn i see you in a crowd . looking harder out finally your eyes had met mine for the last time . im here my love

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